Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Watch This

I am an Oprah fan. I loved her show, her magazine is my favorite magazine. I drop everything to read it as soon as it shows up in my mailbox. I've read her books from her bookclub, I've participated in her "Best Life" stuff. I love the people she's sculpted - Dr. Oz, Suze Orman. I just LOVE me some Oprah, and I love her because when she speaks she says things that are worth listening to. I believe she gets It.

So naturally I have watched her "Master Class" series on OWN. And I recently, finally, caught the episode of Oprah's own personal Master Class episode. If you aren't familiar it's a series that features celebrities giving these monologues about their life lessons and experiences, like memoirs. There is one lesson in Oprah's episode in particular that I just had to share. I've watched her and listened to her teach this lesson. I've watched over and over and over. And I've cried over and over and over. And with each tear, with each viewing, I feel a little more of me surrender. When you watch it, and I hope you will, you'll see why.

I'll preface the video, since it cuts out some of the story. You might know Oprah was in the movie, "The Color Purple." But you might not know that Oprah was really, really obsessed with "The Color Purple." It's her favorite book of all time. She stalked her local bookstore at the time it was released and bought every copy in the store to give away to people - friends, family, coworkers, even random people on the streets. She loved it so much because she related to the story and the characters, and it enriched her life by bringing about an acceptance, an understanding, and ultimately a healing from her tumultuous past.

Oprah reaches out to everybody in Hollywood that will listen when she learns of the movie production. She desperately wants to be cast in the movie. After all, she is the book's biggest fan. No one lived and breathed and loved that story more than she did. She could practically recite the entire book word for word she'd read it so many times. So this video starts with her describing what happens after the audition.

As you watch the video, replace "The Color Purple" with infertility. And it's my story. It's your story. But more importantly it's our lesson to learn. - watch the first 7 minutes

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