Friday, August 19, 2011

Slow and Steady...

Just a quick update after this morning's appointment: follicles are growing! We still have 5 or 6. There are follicles on my right and left ovaries. I don't know about the integrity of the eggs in my right ovary since that's the one that's only partially there, so I am glad there are 2 or 3 in the left too. The biggest is only 14mm so we still have a little ways to go yet. We go back Monday am to get measured again but I am still betting they won't be mature enough and ready for retrieval before the end of next week. My doc is holding off on the Viagra for my uterine lining until Monday, but I am willing to bet he's going to have me start on it as well next week. Walgreens told me about a new program they have with New Life Agency that's an awesome deal for their cash paying patients: you buy their Pharmacy card for $25 and you get $100 off instantly for every $1,000 spent. And then they sent me a $25 Walgreens gift card!

So I'll update again after our appointment Monday. I am really looking forward to the w/e. My husband is treating me to a mini getaway at a hotel here in Dallas with a nice dinner and everything. We can certainly use a little R&R :)

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  1. Alright! That's wonderful your eggs are growing at a nice steady pace! Nothing wrong with slow and steady! I hope you have a fabulous weekend with your hubby! Y'all deserve it!! Big hugs!!