Friday, August 26, 2011

Standby for take off...

Our last monitoring appt was today! So here's the final count: on my right ovary I have a 24 and an 18, on my left I have a 21 and two 13's. I didn't know this until the nurse mentioned it, but when the follicles get as big as 24 mm they aren't 'good' eggs, so that one won't count, but she said the 21 and the 18 for sure should, and hopefully the two 13's. They want the follicles at least 14mm. Doc has me taking one more megadose of Follistim tonight to hopefully push them over the edge, and the nurse said the hCG shot tomorrow night might also give them one last blast. For $500 for tonight's dose I just had to order, those slackers better catch up! So we are hoping and praying that we will have 4 eggs total for retrieval, which is scheduled for Monday. Thankfully my uterine lining isn't an issue this go around since I've been on the estrogen supp's. I don't have to do the Viagra!

I'll update next week after the retrieval. I'm not as nervous for it now as I was before our appt this am, now that I know there's a good chance at 4 eggs instead of just 2. I am just praying with everything I have that my eggs are good. So much depends on that. The one advantage of doing this though is to figure that out. Because if they're no good than obviously that changes the game plan quite a bit. But I am trying not to go there; I am trying to take this one day at a time.

Please pray for us. I have never been so nervous/scared/anxious/desperate for anything like this in my entire life. I knew this IVF would forever change me in some way, no matter the outcome. Time will tell what that change may be.


  1. Good luck!! For what it's worth, I triggered with a 24mm during a clomid cycle and got pregnant, so you never know! Can't wait for an update, I'll be thinking of you...

  2. Wow so exciting! I am sending you lots of prayers for 4 good eggies!!! Grow follies, grow!